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Don't Spend Change!

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Once you've got a reasonable grip on not overspending and avoiding the unnecessary...which is primarily a personal strength exercise...pocket change can be your biggest boost to monthly savings.

Rather than fish around for exactly 39 cents or use all those pennies you have for the little things, only spend paper money. Take all the change you get at the end of each day and just plink it away into a jar or piggy bank or a sock. At the end of the month, assuming you do a reasonable amount of cash transactions (and not debit card everything), you find 30 dollars or more have piled up.

While it's not a fortune, you'll barely notice shifting your spending from coins to bills, and over the span of a year or so, you'll have a significant amount saved.


Don't Spend Change!

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I never spend change! In fact, I tend to hoard some of it, especially quarters. My apartment complex requires quarters in the laundry machines. Everytime I get a quarter in change, it goes into the laundry fund. This doesn't prevent me from having to purchase a roll at the local market from time to time, but it helps.

Don't Spend Change!

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Martin Harper

20p coins are gold dust in my uni - they run the pool machine, table football machine, and the tumbledryers. Two twenties for a fifty is about the right exchange rate,,,

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