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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

One great thing about h2g2 is that it broadens your horizons so often. I would never have sought out this entry, but I was delighted after reading it. (The factoid posted in the forum was also very fun.) I just really enjoyed this entry.

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I must agree. As a science/history/knowledge junkie, I love cruising around H2G2 just to see what the hell someone thought was worth writing about. This was no exception. I've never been saltwater scuba diving yet, though I'm an experienced freshwater diver ... so this one fascinated me as well as intrigued me to step up my attempts to try diving in the pacific someday soon.

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Have I eaten these things? I have eaten things called sea-slugs, a 'great delicacy' I was told. In Seoul, Korea. But then (struggling to be polite about the eating habits of an entire Nation) I have gamely struggled to eat many strange things in Seoul. They looked like very large slugs (as in garden slugs) and tasted of nothing much, but the texture was much as I would imagine garden slugs to taste...I wish I could say it slipped down a treat...but it didn't. It was vile an required a great deal of steely determination to get it down, and keep it down. Damn politeness!

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You can call me TC

For another entry regarding Korean food, read Sho's report of a recent trip she took there:


It's very long and detailed, so wait till you have a few minutes spare.

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Minutes??? Well I read the first part, and promise to read the rest later. Not only was she kind enough to link to my Kimchee piece, but she actually asked permission first! So Sho must be a very good person indeed, and well worth reading!

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