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Panamint Springs, Death Valley, California, USA

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Panamint Springs is a place where one can buy one of the biggest burgers it is possible to imagine

Panamint Springs, located in Death Valley National Park, California, USA, is a small but rewarding western-style resort. If you cross Death Valley National Park from east to west, it's located near the exit on highway 190, 48 miles east of Lone Pine and 31 miles west of Stovepipe Wells.

If you go to the National Park as a tourist, you hear lots of unsolicited advice like:

Don't never ever cross the Death Valley in summer, for your tires will melt and your water will vaporize...

Considering the fact that summer in Death Valley lasts all year round, except maybe for January, it's very hard to find a temperate day to go there. Having exposed yourself and your rented car to the thrill of descending to the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere - the town of Badwater, which has an 'elevation' of 282 feet below sea level - you realise, with a certain sense of foreboding, that the only way out is uphill. So you check your car, you check your water, you check your gas, and you start the long drive up.

To your surprise, the tyres do not melt, the water does not vaporize, and the worst thing that happens to you is that you find yourself very hungry after the thrill is gone. You've made it through Death Valley! At this very point you find yourself in Panamint Springs, where a sumptuous reward awaits you.

It's called the 'Panamint Burger', and the menu describes it as a meal:

You should only order if you're either a trucker or really, really hungry. It's best to be both.

The Panamint Burger has about eight times the meat mass of a regular McDonald's or Burger King burger, and is served with a bucket of potatoes and some salad - which also comes in a bucket.

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