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Director's Cut

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

I'm pleased and honoured that my first entry made it into the edited guide, that's a motivation for me to continue ...

The "Director's Cut" of my entry is available at


Director's Cut

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Jimi X

I've often found 'Director's Cut' movies to be a lot of hype and rarely worth checking out.

I think it is often a positive to have an editor that trims away some extra footage that gets in the way of telling the story clearly. A good tight job by a good editor only enhances the final version of the film...

Director's Cut

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Spoken by a true sub-editor. smiley - winkeye

Director's Cut

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Jimi X

smiley - tongueout


Director's Cut

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Watch the director's cut to Blade Runner. Much better than the studio version. The only people doing the editing are the bean counters - with no artistic ability/ integrity.

Director's Cut

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

Jimi X,

as far as movies are concerned, you may be right (or wrong). It's not my intention to depreciate the work the editors do. But: What I described in my entry is MY experience (not the editor's). It's MY opinion (not the editor's).

As the editor is the last person to have her/his hands on the entry, it will be published in the "Editor' Cut". This work is absolutely necessary to maintain a certain level of quality within the guide.

But: I like my original version of the entry more, as it say exactly what I intended to say. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

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