A Conversation for Rats - Ways to Discourage Them

Disposal of the body....

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Sho - employed again!

I put mine on the compost heap. 5 of them. Then found out that the rats nest was right next door. They moved out. Yippee!
I put dried bread on my trap (which, btw, caused me temporary deafness when I made a test spring!)

Good article though. It just goes to show. Although a rentokil man once told me that when rats (and mice) die whole (ie. their head isn't cut off in a trap) the bodies dry out first, and don't smell. So if you find a dry, dead rat in your cellar, it could have been there for a while!

Disposal of the body....

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King Fabels (a.k.a. FABIUS, the confusatron)

you know what a veryt big problem is about rat problems?

Once you have rats somewhere you don't want them to be...

If they survive poisonous food, you put down for them, they learn that it makes them sick, so they'll avoid it in the future..
They also 'tell' their colony fella's about the poisonous food...

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