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De Hems, Soho, London, UK

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How to Get There

Walk along Shaftesbury Avenue on the south side. The pub's on Macclesfield Street, about half-way along. The nearest London Underground Station is Leicester Square, or Piccadilly Circus.

The Pub

This is a Dutch pub which is usually packed, so it's very hard to get space to stand and sitting is usually out of the question because of the sheer volume of people. Also, since the downstairs area is essentially one long, narrow room, getting to and from the bar (on the right as you come in) is an ordeal. Be prepared for spilt pints.

Upstairs is a fringe comedy venue which is open Wednesdays, so you'll occasionally need to pay to get in, but there's reasonable space and a separate bar. Prices at the time of writing were around £2.60 per pint.

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