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J. Nigel Aalst

Of course, to completely confuse everyone, the condoms all have different names in the US, than in the UK. OK,
maybe this doesn't confuse everyone, but it does me. And I'm already confused enough when I go to buy condoms.
I think perhaps they should have a line which is just called "Condom" for people who get lost and confused in the
drug store when purchasing condoms. This would save the potential embarrassment of standing in front of the
condom display staring at the packages trying to figure out which one to buy.

I first bought Durex condoms when I was a student in London a couple of years ago, because they were Durex (it seems,
at least to this American, that they're the UK equivalent of Trojan, basically synonymous with the word condom to a
lot of people). I think we usually bought the Extra Safe ones. When I got home, I noticed that Durex was selling in the
US, so I started buying them here and was instantly confused by the choices. I've been buying the Extra Sensitive ones because they're the easiest to find where I live and because they come in the mondo hugen pack.

Anyway, perhaps it would be a good idea to write up a chart comparing the US and UK names so that those of us in
the US can actually put this article to good use. Perhaps I should attempt it. I'll see what I can do...

American Durex

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If you can write it up, please do and then we'll include it in the entry... smiley - smiley That would be great!

American Durex

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If I might be of some assistance -- Fetherlite sounds like the closest UK equivalent to the American Extra-Sensitive variety (gotta love the 24-pack). My girlfriend actually prefers those over any others we've tried, and they're certainly better than the cheapo LifeStyles condoms they foisted upon us in the residence halls at *name of American university deleted to protect the identity of the poor fools who decided to go with LifeStyles, because I happen to know some of them and think they're otherwise quite nice folks*. smiley - smiley

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