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I'm not really here

You forgot to mention the king of condoms.

These come in a round plastic packet with a foil lid. The idea of it is that the condom is always the right way up when you open it, so no awkward fumbling around, or stupidly trying to put it on the wrong way up. I have never had a problem with using these, never slipped or split, and the best thing is they don't leave a nasty taste behind on the skin like some do, so if you feel like whipping them off and trying something else, there's nothing to stop you.

One word of warning though, don't stupidly leave them where your 5-year-old child can find them, as mine thought they were chocolate money!

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They sound great. Rather depressingly, I don't think you can buy Durex Gold in the UK - they're not listed in the UK Durex range, anyway. So I guess this is one of those things we English will just have to be jealous about.

Like cheap petrol and big steaks. smiley - smiley

Durex Gold

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I'm not really here

I am English, and I have used them.
Well, not me, personally, but you know what I mean.
I think I got them in Boots.

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Biggy P (the artist phormerly known as phord)

i've seen them on sale as well.

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Right, looks like I'll have to go out shopping, then. On the other hand, this entry was written a while ago, and since then Con and I have, er moved on to the next stage, if you see what I mean. So don't hold your breath...

But if anyone wants to contribute their own review of Durex Gold, no doubt those nice people at the Towers will stick it in for you.

Ahem. smiley - winkeye

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Researcher 223103

strangely enough, i always see them on sale in sports stores, JJB, Allsports etc.

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