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Suffering from latex allergy, the 'Avanti' has been the best thing since sliced bread for me and my sexlife.
Yes the 'Avanti' is slightly larger, but for me that has been an advantage - it just fits better (unless you are hung like a mouse). Also, one doesn't feel like one is wearing a balloon. Speaking of which, they are odorless. So one doesn't get that 'condom-smell' either, which tends to be a major turn off for the females (so they tell me). In fact the females have been raving about the lack of latex-smell, so the act of putting on the 'close-combat-sock' has lost the effect of slowing things down. They also seem to think it is the ideal oral-sex condom, as it tastes of near nothing (again, so I am told by the wonderful creatures) and the female doesn't taste of condom later either (if one wants to please her or kiss her).
So, what is the catch you ask: PRICE, PRICE and PRICE !!!!!!!!!!
Those 'Avantis' are currently unbelivably expensive - around four quid a piece!! (So make sure he/she's worth it !!!)
I don't believe they cost that much to make. (Durex promisses to bring down the price as the market pick up) - Here's an idea: BRING DOWN THE PRICE and the market will pick up by itself. I believe most females would buy them or demand them bought, (just in case a bloke wants a blow-job).
As for safety: I have tried to rip several (I never belive advertising), and short of scissors, it just can't be done.

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Durex Avanti Condom

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