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Really need that Extra Strong info....

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Oddly enough, I'm not homosexual, nor would I be using 'em for anal sex.

I don't know why (and I'm not, umm, "massively endowed" or anything, just an average joe in that department) but the end of the condom always fails when I orgasm. Maybe there is some sort of unusually high pressure involved, I don't know... I have abnormally low blood pressure (compared to anyone who runs less than a hundred miles a week) but that's the only pressure measurement I have and it doesn't seem like it'd be related to this problem.+-/
Anyway, I pop the bloody things, and if I keep going (unlikely at my age, but a problem ten years or so ago) they end up wrapped around me like a bloody rubber band. -/

Really need that Extra Strong info....

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I can see that that might lead to, er, problems! Maybe you could research them and add the info here?

Really need that Extra Strong info....

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Ok, here goes.

They come in a dark green pack, and are transparent.

They're fairly strong, and thick in use, and do reduce the feeling to the level we normally claim when we're complaining (which, admit it, sometime we do).

They're an avearge size, and as far as she's concerned hey don't feel much different (except she can't feel me climax as she can in some thinner ones)

I'd say that they feel strong. Very strong. these things are the 'triple thick, armour plated johnnies' that you need.

They're lubricated and when you first put them on, you'll notice the tightness of the 'ring' as it unrolls. It's alright at the base as there's not the layers of thick rubber rolled up anymore, but it's a little un-nerving.

As for strength, I can't make the one I'm playing with (IN MY HANDS YOU FILTH MONGER - STOP LAUGHING!) break, no matter how far I stretch it, so you shopuld be good and safe.

I think the official line on anal sex is that no condom can protect you fully, but these do the job, or can offer you the extra security you need.

If you're really not sure, buy a three pack, and try one 'on your own' to see what you think.

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Really need that Extra Strong info....

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