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my home town

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it is interesting in that I actually got to hear julia speak in my home, that is fayetteville. she is a very dedicated person to her cause and i respect that.

here in fayetteville we had our own "tree sitter" for a period of time, mary lightheart. she was protesting Kohl's department store choice to destroy some 100 year old trees.

just thought i would add my two sense in...

my home town

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Glad you did, kat.smiley - smiley

Whatever you think of the politics or the efficacy of Julia's tree sit, her dedication and sincerity should be admired by everyone. I missed my chance to see her last year. She spoke in Michigan (I think), and I found out about it too late to take the trip. Have you read her book 'The Legacy of Luna'?

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