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Take a hike.

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The area around Beddgelert is great for walking in.
A very easy walk is along the route of the old Welsh Highland Railway by the side of the river Glaslyn. The walk takes you through a couple of tunnels and along the side of the Glaslyn Gorge, very pretty river with lots of rocks and if there is enough water some canoeists. Only about 1 mile in length everyone should be able to do this.

Take a hike.

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The Glaslyn Gorge is, in my opinion, one of the finest pieces of whitewater kayaking in the UK.

After heavy rain it can be a demanding enough section for even the most skilled and hairy-chested, yet when at a lower level a very pleasant introduction to medium-difficulty paddling. I would not recommend swimming down there though - far too many sharp, pointy rocks.

If I remember correctly, the author (creator?) of Rupert the Bear lived in Bethgelert (at least there is a cottage with a plaque to that effect there).

Take a hike.

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Hi Ross. I'd agree even though I've never paddled it (Much harder than what I can paddle smiley - smiley).
If you put something in your space on your page, I'd come over and say hello, but I can't till you do that smiley - tongueout

Take a hike.

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

The whitewater rafting sounds nice, but I refuse to raft anywhere that swimming isn't recommended. As I've learned, the one can lead rather easily to the other. smiley - winkeye

Take a hike.

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For some pictures of the river try: http://www.guidebook.free-online.co.uk/aberglaslynpic.htm
and http://www.guidebook.free-online.co.uk/aberglaslyndrop.htm

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