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Piano Modules

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Steve K.

Nice article. I own a Kawai console piano and think it sounds very good. I also own a small mountain of synths and modules, one of which is an Emu Proformance Plus, about the size of a cigar box and specifically a piano module with a few similar sounds. I'm pretty sure its long since discontinued (introduced about 1990?), but available used. It may not satisfy the purist, but to my ears its pretty good, using digital samples (recordings) of actual pianos. Here are some specs.


To play it, a MIDI keyboard is required, in my case a "controller keyboard" meaning the keyboard has no sounds of its own, it just sends note info, etc. to sound modules like the Emu. Some of these are available for under $100. Together, the keyboard/module weighs maybe 10 pounds.

Just an idea for those who want to test the water before inviting a 400 lb (literally?) gorilla into the home. smiley - monster

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Piano Modules

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