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A charming pair of gentlemen who grace the airwaves in Australia, 'Rampaging' Roy Slaven and HG Nelson started their broadcasting careers presenting This Sporting Life on the national radio station Triple J. They have also presented variety shows for ABC in Australia and Anglia in the UK1. They even once featured in some television advertisements for Fosters Lager in the UK but the Australian nation has forgiven them for those.

Veterans of the Australian sporting scene, Roy and HG have an opinion on every topic and an answer to every sporting quandary. The answer is usually the same - to conduct the sport in the nude.

Whilst on This Sporting Life they raised the art of calling sports matches to a new level with their annual Festival of the Boot. Each September/October when the annual Rugby League and AFL grand finals come around (usually on the same weekend) these stalwart broadcasters watch the TV coverage and attempt to call the game. With more conventional broadcasters this means describing the action on the field so that a radio listener can understand what is going on. When Roy and HG call a game they endeavour to amuse their listeners by coming up with obscure nicknames for the players and talking up the possibility of on-field violence and nudity. This process sounds strange but makes for good radio.

Roy Slaven has played and coached at a national level in every sport imaginable, from Rugby League2 to Cricket3 to figure skating and flower arranging.

In reality, Roy and HG are neither sporting personalities nor comedians. John Doyle (Roy) and Greg Pickhaver (HG) are actors who just started mucking about on the radio one day. Since those humble beginnings the characters have been refined and enhanced. They now represent, perhaps, the most complete and amusing caricature of Australian sporting ethos ever developed.

1These shows were broadcast on Channel 5.2His team were the Lithgow Shamrocks.3He opened the batting for Australia with Keith 'Stacky' Stackpole.

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