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Sunflower seeds

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Mola mola

I have kept 5 gerbils in total in my lifetime. All of them lived for 3-4 years and all of them gradually stopped eating aything but sunflower seeds if they were available.

All of them would go mental for sunflower seeds, pushing each other out of the way in order to get to them first and eating them as fast as they could in order to get the next one.

I did try depriving them of sunflower seeds for a while as I know that they are not very good for gerbils in excess. However I was foiled in this plot my my sister and my Mum who loved feeding them through the bears of their cages.

Sunflower seeds

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Mola mola

Apologies for the typos, I should have checked it more thoroughly before posting.

Obviously they didn't have bears in their cages.

Sunflower seeds

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Sorry about my name, I'm obsessed with a breed of dog called a Pomeranian as well as gerbils. Anyway, I've got two gerbils at the moment called Chocolate and Sugar (both female) who don't really have any preferences. The first gerbils I had, before Chocolate and Sugar, were called Bubble and Squeak and they were obsessed about Sunflower Seeds until I saw their fur was going yellow, so I stopped giving them Sunflower Seeds and gave them Pumpkin Seeds instead, which they loved just as much and which are available in Gerri Gerbil Premium food!! They also quite liked chocolate drops which you can buy in little foil packets from pet shops.

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