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Hobart and William Smith Colleges, New York, USA

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Located in Geneva, New York, Hobart and William Smith Colleges are coordinate liberal art colleges that share a campus, residences, classrooms, president, dining halls, colds, and articles of clothing. However, they have separate deans, athletic departments, mascots, and sexes. Yes, Hobart is the men's college and William Smith is the women's college.

The Coordinate System

Besides the things they share and do not, the coordinate system is an oft-repeated idea at the colleges. It is represented by a giant pair of scissors in the middle of campus referring to something about two pieces working together. Or something like that. Women1 say that the coordinated system allows them to have both the benefits of a single sex and a co-ed school. Hobart students don't say anything about the coordinate system.

Hobies and Smithies

'Hobies' are the stereotypical Hobart student. For example:

Hobie A - Hey, you know Fred?
Hobie B - Umm, he wears a dirty baseball cap, drives a Sport Utility Vehicle and drinks a lot downtown right?
Hobie A - Umm... yeah... you know him then?
Hobie B - Nope.

The stereotype of a Smithie student is blonde, rich, drives a trendy car, goes on fabulous spring breaks and whose daddy will get her a job and send her money.

But of course, not all of the students fit in to these stereotypes.

Important Facts about the Colleges

  • Hobart was founded by Bishop John Hobart in 1796.

  • William Smith was founded, of course, by William Smith in 1908. He was apparently 'really into some kooky spiritual stuff', such as talking to trees.

  • The first American woman medical school graduate, Elizabeth Blackwell, came from Geneva Medical College, 1849.

  • Hobart mascot: Statesman. WS mascot: Herons

  • The 1998 - 1999 tuition fees were $23,865, room and board $6,882 and general fees $477. That makes a total of $31,224. Ouch.

What does it look like? Ever see an American movie that takes place on a college campus? Bricks and ivy and all? That's it.

1Never call a William Smith student a girl. Not that they are all strident feminists, but this point they are very particular about.

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