A Conversation for Bullying

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Pond Wanderer

I don't suppose there is anyone in this world who can honestly put up their hands and say, "I have never bullied anyone in my Life". However, there are bullies and there are bullies, sometimes something that starts off as a bit of fun can turn into something really nasty, and the people doing the bullying don't even realise.
I have heard of more than a few occasions, sadly, when people who have not been able to cope with the bullying have actually committed suicide. Others have had heart attacks brought on by stress, and some people suffer from nervous breakdowns. There is far too much bullying on in the world.

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Ness...keep your chin up and keep smiling please!

smiley - zen

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Shylo ((Are you crazy?))

I agree mate, everyone is guilty of doing this at one point... smiley - ok

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Martin Harper

It is a mark of the depths to which internet communication has fallen that someone can explain "read it!", and we are actually surprised that someone has read something before responding to it. Too many people are of the "write first, read later" mentality.

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