A Conversation for Time Travel - the Possibilities and Consequences

To Many theories But no-one trying it out.

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So far there are alot of theories of time/space travel, but in truth, none with a shred of evidence. We rattle off famous names. But the true pioneers to this would be those who actually experiment this for themselves.
The true navigators of Space/time, just like the old navigators of the sea. Who where told many times by the church that the earth was flat. Look at us now, a 5 year old can talk to her friend on the other side of the globe within a fraction of a second. Yet if you mentioned this to a scientist or an egghead 200 years ago. They would probably call it insane, and science fiction.
So therefore, try it out, sure we need a lot of money to cover it the cost for shielding against all the suspected damaging neg. mass/energy impact it will have on our bodies, but hey, small steps. One step at the time, just like when we went to the moon. May lose a few, but we will get there.

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To Many theories But no-one trying it out.

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