A Conversation for Time Travel - the Possibilities and Consequences

The fallacity of time-altering "paradoxes"

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Just a short musing...

While paradoxes of all kind are an extremely entertaining and enjoyable pastime, their *practical* value (as opposed to to being a purely speculative game of logic) is very scant. Namely, they describe the limits and contours of the "average" (if there is such a thing) human mind. In other words: just because (a) human mind cannot grasp the dimensions of time (no pun intended), it doesn't follow that such "dimensions" or workings do not exist.

On the other hand, it could be argued that envisaging the mere possibility of "illogical" workings and dimension unknown to the present *vox populi* (because not ALL people feel compelled, or are even able to, to share their insights with the public - and no, I am definitely not alluding to any "conspiracy") opens that same possibility: it makes it viable (if still "unimaginable" to people).

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The fallacity of time-altering "paradoxes"

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