A Conversation for Time Travel - the Possibilities and Consequences

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Here are my views:

About no free will:

God made the universe as he wanted, He controlls everything that happens, thus there is no free will and agrees with this theary.

About time as an illusuion:

This agrees with "no free will" because everything happend at once and then plays itsself out with time. God made everything at once and planned everything at once so of course he "sees the future" and there is no free will. Our lives are already planned out and thus there are technicly no choices.

Both of these agree with my views as a christian so they make sense to me wether or not someone proves them right or wrong in 1000 or maybe 20 years.

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Your views are your own, I'd like to open a friendly debate:

My view on christianity is that God let human beings have freewill, otherwise, why would there be sin? Why would we have a definition of sin? How could God literally plan tons of people to experience the pain and still claim to be a loving god?

Personally I feel that there is a higher entity but that is nothing at all like how the bible states it.

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