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this doesn't look edited

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Sea Change

Possibly the edited version appears somewhere, but not here? Here are just a *few* of the errors I have found:

Why is the word Union capitalized? Was she not allowed to marry? Did she join two kindoms in an unheard of way?

The sentence 'Margaret was born..' is an oddly contructed run-on. I suggest: "...1446, the..." and "...Plantagenet. Her..."

Charles the Bold->Charles the Bold,


'She became his third wife...': as written, this sounds like trigamy. I don't know a thing about the history, so this might be true and not an error.

'third wife and'-> third wife. The wedding

The sentence with 'crown enamelled...' reads really awkwardly-> I suggest "crown adorned with pearls and enamelled..."

'Her daughter fell in love': This is a really long run-on, and is nonsensical. I have no idea how to fix it.

I just got done spending two hours over two other articles in this series, so I am not inclined to search for more errors.

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this doesn't look edited

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