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Dear astro-scientist,
thank you for your attention. Here is web address
(http://mujweb.cz/Kultura/planetx), where are my pictures, texts, analyses and
calculations tied with shape of Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt, Planet X, with our Solar System model-
according oriental historical sources ( the most similar oriental carpets to here used one are so called Hereke from Turkey).... It looks very anusual, but here are many proofs, which support existence of past hi-tech civilisation. Technical devices and knowledge of astronomy (according my analyses) had been there (it looks so) on higher level than it is now. Destiny and destruction of previous civilisations were very tied with arrivals of Planet X to perihelium, accompanied with global floods, earthquakes...Be patient, look carefully on
them, think about and please, send me response.

My proofs for existance, mass, path, time of period and in present time also
for near spacing of Planet X (Nibiru, which should be now from Sun in
distance around 3 billion km, what is approximatelly ten years till arrival
to perihelium) are supported mainly with:

1. Solution of Egyptian astronomical Senmut map, Dendera zodiac, Narmer
palette, of oriental ornamental depictions from Persian (originaly maybe
Atlantean carpets), Chinese funeral (astronomical) flag. Look at my web

2. Uplift of water level in oceans, but markedly on northern hemisphere, in
scale which is some time higher than should be contributions from global
warming, glaciers melting. Global warming with parabolic increasing of
temperatures in last years. The same scale of warming and southern ice cap
melting on Mars during last years, what can't be explained with fosils burning! Changes, shifts in
orbits of planets, comets, space shifs, which are very good explained with
help of X's gravity.

3. Analyse of samples from Greenland ice core, where are evident sharp
temperature changes with approximatelly 1500 years periodicity . Messages of
Extraterrestrials in form of crop circles, which show very often arrival of
strange body among planets.

The most important calculations for path, mass, orbital period time of
Planet X are in second part of my web page http://mujweb.cz/Veda/senmut in
part "Astronomical solution of mysterious painting on ceiling of Senmut's
tomb" .

next important infos for Planet X search are also on my webs:


http://mujweb.cz/Kultura/nibirusenmut ,where is text of prepared book and
newer text versions of some my older webs (in second part of this web...)



Looking forward to hearing from you!


Pavel Smutny

RNDr. Pavel Smutny, Ucitelska 11, 96900 Banska Stiavnica,
Slovakia, tel.: 0902177203, 0456921995

[email protected]

oort cloud planet x

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That is most interesting. It was extremally condusive that you provide facts for this,
which you did, the information gathered was extremally helpful to myself and my clients

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