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How about Dildo, Newfoundland.

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Is that an offer? I'm sure the dog won't appreciate it though...

There are many more place names that make you snigger if you've a smutty mind like mine.

Great innit? smiley - biggrin

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what's great, the smutty mind, or the other...lol.

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oh, the smut of course!

I thrive on innuendo, it's my bread and jam. Well, actually my bread and jam is my bread and jam. Innuendo just makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

More smiley - tea vicar?

Knob Lick

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I imagine the english language must hold the record for double meanings and innuendo's what with all the words borrowed from other languages, and that's not counting any differences between english as spoken in England and english as spoken in say America. Probably another entry or two just in such differences. Like chips in England is fries in the U.S. while chips in the U.S. are called crisps over in England.
Words can mean different things in different areas too. I remember reading about a man who went to Japan on business and was staying with someone from the parent co. he worked for. He needed to use the toilet so asked where the bathroom was. Finally after 45 min. he was led into the 'bathroom' while his host told him how sorry he was for the delay as it took time to heat the water and the family didn't take their bath til later in the day. To them a 'bathroom' was just that a room where the bathtub was found, completely separate from the toilet.

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