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Ding, Dong. the mission statement Is dead!

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What good news, and not a moment too soon!

Has anyone else been saddled with a team-building exercise that involved writing a personal mission statement for one's own position that supposedly fit well with one's business unit's mission statement?

After wasting precious moments of my life attempting to craft one containing the requisite number of idiotic buzz-words, I blurted out, "It's all about my cats!" My lead engineer had a good chuckle, while I explained, I work, so the cats have a house in which to be house-cats, bowls full of kibble, a soft bed to crowd me out of, clean litter boxes, someone to scratch behind their ears, etc.

Fortunately, I have no idea what my current employer's mission statement might be, if it exists.

Ding, Dong. the mission statement Is dead!

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Icy North

All about your cats? smiley - smiley

I like that one - it's tangentially sublime, or is that subliminally tangential?

I'd be careful in case you get branded a 'dangerous intellectual'. smiley - biggrin

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Ding, Dong. the mission statement Is dead!

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