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Being a swimmer, I know a lot about swim caps, I found your entry to be fairly informative, but I know of a few more points that might help to make it a little more accurate.

First of all, if you wear a competitive swim cap, and your head goes underwater, your hair still gets wet, so as for keeping the style underneath those things...not going to happen.

As for the "club caps" they come in three different kinds. They have laytex caps, silicone caps and lycra caps. They laytex are made out of a thin layer of plasic and will rip easily and dry out if left in the sun for too long. The silicone ones are more durable, last longer, but they fit tighter, so some may complain about headaches. The lycra caps are I think what you are referring to by the "modern cloth hat." They are made out of a water penetrable material. These caps are often used to help competitive swimmer train for faster times. The cap is penetrable by the water, and therefore, increases the resistance from the water. This slows the swimmer down causing him or her to work harder to go further and faster.

Another fun thing you might want to add, if you take either a laytex cap or a silicone cap (the laytex works better but, silicone works too, and is less likely to break) you can put them under water and have two people hold it (one on both ends) and move it up and down in the water and it will actually expand big enough to fit a person inside of. Also, if you fill one of these caps with water and drop it just right on top of sombody's head, it will invert and the cap will stay on the person's head.

Swim caps

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smiley - kissI am also from Arizona... Very nice post. I loved the idea of having a young lady on either side and enveloping the rubber swim cap with enough water in it to actually fit me inside! Oh that would be sooooooo much fun! Is it not too tight though? How on earth did you gals ever figure that one out? Too much play time huh? I can not wait to try it! Will it also work with the flasy flower caps? That would be even more fun to have that turned inside out and have all those delightful little rubber flower petals tickling the body while encased in the rubber cap!

Oh my...

Thanks for the great idea!

By the way... NAU Rocks!!! See you at the pool.

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