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Modern-day Green Tea

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dot Comrade

True. Green tea (or as the Canadian Airlines flight attendants call it, Ohcha) has a long and complex history, It is drunk at ceremonies and casual parties. It is served in ancient wooden bowls and Dixie cups. In present-day Japan, however, green tea has evolved into something else. A flavor. One can order green tea-flavored ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, or purchase a pack of green-tea-flavored gum at 7-11. You can even find green tea-flavored cookies, pasta and cake.
Also, in spite of the care taken by afficionados to brew green tea properly, it can still be purchased, hot or cold, from any number of vending machines lining the streets of Tokyo - served, rather unceremoniously, in an aluminum can.

Modern-day Green Tea

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a girl called Ben

More bizzare than Green Tea being a flavour - it is also now also marketed as a perfume.

I quote from www.elizabetharden.com - "Imagine crisp, cool iced tea, when you think of the scents of Green Tea, Jasmine, Celery and the nine other natural ingredients we've intertwined to bring you this exhilarating scent that captures the energizing benefits of Green Tea."

It smells quite nice, actually. Fresh, subtle, and er, green.

Modern-day Green Tea

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chickadee (wheee!)

I've had green-tea flavored chocolate! Kinda disappointing, i like green tea and i like chocolate, and it didn't improve either one. Expensive, too.

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