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Arizona Iced "Green Tea"

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furtim - Zaphodista Sympathiser

It should be noted that there is an Arizona-brand Iced Tea which claims to be green tea flavoured. In my opinion, the original Arizona Iced Tea is a truly excellent beverage. Their sorry excuse for "green tea", however, is a disgrace. The beverage is actually fairly decent, but this is due more to the fact that the concoction is laden with honey to provide sweetness, to the point where the original taste of the green tea is completely steamrolled into nothingness. It's good stuff, but it shouldn't be called "green tea".

Arizona Iced "Green Tea"

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The Dali Llama

I agree completely.

Arizona Iced "Green Tea"

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I think they should make an un-sweetened version.

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Never trust anything from AZ that purports to be Asian. smiley - zen
This is just like you shouldn't trust Mexican food in Seattle. Or at least pile on the tabasco (and I don't like spicy foods!)smiley - steam

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Arizona Iced "Green Tea"

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

Unsweetend tea doesn't sell very well though. I guess they could just call it Arizona Tea and it wouldn't be so bad... But they actually do use green tea in the recipe so you can't really blame them for using the marketing ploy.

Arizona Iced "Green Tea"

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I just wanted to add that in england they got now arizona green tea you can buy it from a website but i wonder if they are selling on stores
the url is http://www.arizonabev.co.uk
anyway am glad i found it smiley - teasmiley - biggrin

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