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Naked Solace

I posted this at my blog at http://snudesb.blogspot.com but may interest you ...

When you read the news from all over the world of nudist/naturist beaches closing or having problems, let's support the campaign groups who try and keep the beaches nude for OUR enjoyment.

British Naturism's campaigner Michael Boura is trying to help/support when needed, the latest Public acceptance of naturism includes ..


To promote acceptance by the general public of naturism and naturist activity in all suitable places.
To ensure that millions of naturists in the UK can pursue their lifestyle without encountering prejudice and discrimination.

Naturist code
Respect people's space
Do not be an exhibitionist
Avoid confrontation
Always report crime whether as witness or victim
Any advice is helpful.

Finally those "millions of naturists in the UK" should think about joining BN to show their support, hey it won't break the bank and it'll help reflect true naturism interest in the UK.

Find out more at the campaigning section of British Naturism website ( http://www.british-naturism.org.uk ).

Happy beach days !

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Stand up to be counted ...

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