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Nelson and the barrel

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I have heard a different version of the story regarding Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and his transport back from the battle of Trafalgar. Although also apocryphal, the version I have heard suggests that the Admiral was put in a barrel of fine brandy to preserve his body for the trip home and that the 'Jolly Jack's' or 'Old Tar's' on board his flag ship drank the smiley - bubbly brandy on the voyage home and replaced it with rum. smiley - cheers

On another topic slightly, it is interesting to note that of the British Armed Forces, only the Royal Navy is allowed to drink smiley - ale a Loyal Toast to the Sovereign whilst seated - the Army and Air Force have to stand.

Nelson and the barrel

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I am Donald Sutherland

The Queens Regiment also enjoy the privilege of sitting down to drink the Loyal Toast. This is in recognition of the many years they spent serving aboard Royal Navy ships before the inception of the Royal Marines.


Nelson and the barrel

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I didn't know that about the Queen's Regiment. There are a couple of versions about why the Navy do not have to stand, one being the low headroom on ships (they'd all have banged their heads) and the other being that, after a mutiny by the Army, a grateful Sovereign, dining on board a war ship with a Navy who had stayed loyal told them to sit when they toasted him, that their loyalty was not in doubt. Sycophant!

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