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Mobile Phones: Hand Free Attachment

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Ever been stuck in front or behind a car driver with a mobile phone constantly affixed to their ear and wondered how can they possibly be in control of the vehicle? It's scary, isn't it? Well, in the form of mobile free hand free attachments, there appears to be a solution.

There are hand free attachments available for most of the mobile phones currently available for use. These are easy to attach to the phone and consist of an ear piece, a microphone and a clip to attach to your clothing so you can have both hands free to do other things, such as drive a car. The phone will even allow you to automatically pick up any incoming calls without you having to press any of the buttons on it. So, you are truly 'hands free' yet still in contact. Also, if you are worried about what emissions may be coming of your phone this is one way to give you a little bit more distance from the phone itself.

The result is a world where you can still talk and do other things, including checking your mirrors, changing gear and getting writer's cramp. If you possess a mobile phone and have it in the car while driving, it is worth the effort to connect up before you start your engine.

However, even a hands free attachment may not be all that's needed to stop you being distracted. Should you become engaged in a complex conversation or are finding that the conversation is distracting your driving, pull over or ask to call the person back when you are freed up.

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