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More to Pompeii than a volcano

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The reason for Pompeii being there in the first place is the exact same reason it was destroyed. Volcanic soils are great for growing vines because the land is very fertile.

Other than that Pompeii is a complete mystery, other than it was an important trading outpost for that whole area. A position that Naples took over, after the ancient citys destruction!

More to Pompeii than a volcano

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Hope you don't mind me joining in! In fact the town next door to modern Pompei, Scafati was then much larger than Pompeii and a city. These days however thanks to the tourists who flock to the ruins have made Pompei more affluent and more important than Scafati, which has been relegated to being famous for having a stinky river, a lousy football team and an (on the whole) nice population.


More to Pompeii than a volcano

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The wine from the Naples region is quite flouresent thanks to the improved vegation from the volcanic soils!

More to Pompeii than a volcano

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Researcher 204604

Pompeii wasn't just a pile of rubble, there are a lot of things that made Pompeii great!

More to Pompeii than a volcano

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Espically the Pompeii Pizzas!

More to Pompeii than a volcano

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IMHO the best way to enjoy pompeii is to go twice, punctuating your visits with a vist to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (National Archaeological Museum) in Naples.

Pompeii is mind blowing but the interpretation of the is not quite what it could be - typical of the endearing italian inducement to engage a 'fairy sheep guide' which are abundant around the entrance. on first visit you'll be overwhelmed but you don't really get a feel for the detail of exactly what was discovered here.

When you go to the museum you see everyday Roman objects that were found in excavations - even the most delicate glass items were preserved intact and this really adds to your second visit - you can also book a visit to the secret rooms which contain some of the more titilating art and sculpture found on the site (when discovered these were deemed too salacious for all but scholarly eyes however they contribute to an appreciation of the outright bawdiness of the ancient city)

Go back to Pompeii in the afternoon - you'll avoid the crowds and snap happy tick boxers that plague the places and as the site empties towards sunset you'll really appreciate the pathos - it's haunting and not a little bit sinister.

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