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I know a guy who got a job straight after leaving school

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I was watching the song again on YouTube and it occurred to me. The puppet used to illustrate this line in Mark Thatcher (son of Maggie). Not only does he get a job after leaving school, he contrives to get BOTH hands stuck in the till. This is a nice embedded joke. Mark Thatcher, had he been born to anyone else without the connections, would have been unemployable due to being, basically, thick and idle. Possibly because of his parentage he had a streak of entitlement a mile wide. And given some of the things that happened in later life - the visual gag about his having very sticky fingers around cash is a neat throwaway. Oh, and being clumsy enough to get both hands stuck in the till - this is the guy who got lost in the desert on a motor rally and who needed a million-pound rescue to be mounted. either that or a comment on the blatant not-especially-subtle corruption of the Tory Party...

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I know a guy who got a job straight after leaving school

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