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I agree with the fact (for let's face it, it IS a fact)that liquids in a toasty become the hottest substance known to man after 2 minutes between some hot metal plates, but how can you tell what is a liquid and what is not?
For your information, I have decided to compile a list...

Homous - actually a liquid, but becomes an edible sort of mush when Minimum Neccesary Browning is applied.

Grape - similar to tomatoes (but hotter) when under-cooked, but pleasant and firm when cooked untill crisp.

Honey - oddly, honey does not over-heat. If enough is added, it will be absorbed into the bread. If lightly browned toasties are your style, try adding a definate solid to the sandwich to get a nice effect- if black and crunchy's more your cup of tea, the honey will solidify, and then liquify as soon as the toasty is removed. The syrup-like honey will be warm, sticky and very, very edible.

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Content of a Toasty...

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