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You practically make this complex subject sound easy!

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Dear Alex,

Thank you for the most fascinating article you have written on The Hypothalmus and the Pituitary.

I was particularly interested in the role of Dopamine, because according the small amount of research I have read on the subject, Dopamine plays a major role in the development of schizophrenia.

I was also interested in the position of these two organs/glands/whatever!

I wonder how smoking would affect their role and the production of their various contributions to the operation of the various parts of the body?

Not expressed very scientifically I am afraid, but anything that even points a little finger in the direction of finding a cause/cure for the illness I mentioned is of major interest to me.

I shall read your entry again and see if I have got hold of the right end of the stick. !! Probably not. But I am ever hopeful.

Thanking you again


You practically make this complex subject sound easy!

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smiley - cheers glad you liked it.

Dopamine is one of those substances that turns up a lot in the brain - not only is it produced by the hypothalamus, but it also acts as a chemical messenger between nerve endings, hence the role in schizophrenia. It also has a role in things like depression and some causes of vomiting, hence the existence of a group of drugs known as anti-dopaminergics which are used to treat all of the above.

As for smoking - I'm don't know much about the effects it has on pituitary hormones, though there are some papers out there detailing them - for instance: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3945662

Hope this helps

Alex smiley - smiley

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You practically make this complex subject sound easy!

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