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Paul McCartney - More Than Just a Bass God

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I'm glad Paul got mentioned in this article. So often, I read about great guitar players, and no one ever seems to mention the influence Paul has had as a bass player. He has turned bass playing into something light and melodic. He's turned it into and instrument, rather than just background percussion.

However, I believe Paul is often overlooked as a guitarist. He has played lead guitar on a few Beatles songs, and often, people don't even realize that Paul was the one playing those awesome solos.

For example, the solos on "Taxman" and on "Good Morning, Good Morning" are both rocking awesome guitar solos. And all of it is paul's doing. Paul played guitar on many of his first solo songs including "Maybe I'm Amazed". I believe Paul deserves a little recognition for his godly guitar playing.

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Paul McCartney - More Than Just a Bass God

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