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Any idea?

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Classic Krissy

How they view immigrants? It sounds like a lovely place to live if you aren't afraid to farm.

Any idea?

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SP 655321

There expat communities here. Mostly from Europe, but there are also many people here form Canada, the States, and Australia. Years ago, travelers would come here en masse to work in the olive groves and the tomato greenhouses. Paleochora, (on the south coast), became a popular stopover for people on their way to India and the East. It was on the trail, so to speak. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, we've gotten quite a few immigrants from Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. The wages have plummeted, and most jobs now center around the gradually upgrading tourism.
Since you know what Oreos are, I'll assume you are from the States or Canada. The Immigration laws are kind of strange. Since you are not from the European Community, you are only allowed to live here for three months, with the possibility of a renewal for another three months. If you transfer 1,000,000 drachnas ($3,000 US) into a Greek account, you can get a residency permit for one year for 20,000 drachmas.
Mostly, though, that's just a big hassle. Most of the people here have no visa. If you are from a western country, and try to get a visa, they think you are crazy. "...but we only deport Bulgarians!! ...Canadians and Americans, ...no problem!!"
It is really just de facto a pay as you go system. When you leave, you pay twenty bucks for each month you were here illegally. If you don't have it on you, pay when you get back.
Buying property here is another story altogether. Renting is better. Cretans tend to be reluctant to sell property that has been in their family for over three millenia.

Any idea?

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i´ve seen some places so far, but i haven´t seen one, where i was so welcome, like in crete. i went there for an excavation, spending three weeks in a small village in the SE.despite language problems (i don´t speak greek) the whole team of archeologists became part of the comunity.i made the same experience returning as an tourist.

Any idea?

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Classic Krissy

Thanks for the information!! smiley - smiley Hmmmm... that really makes me want to move there.

You guessed correctly, I'm American. I was supposed to have moved in with my boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, fiancee, who knows these days? last month. London has shut their doors and a person simply can't get in unless they have tons of money or get married (hence the confusing status of my relationship). Thinking that I was going to be moving to the UK got the wanderlust going and I've been looking into how difficult it would be to move all sorts of places in Europe. Crete sounds LOVELY.

Can you still wear togas in Greece or is it a fashion no-no? smiley - winkeye

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