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I learned something new today! Now I can go home. :-)

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Classic Krissy

Okay, so...why did you go to Antarctica?? Do people just visit or is it a "scientists only" sort of setup?

getting to Antarctica

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Tim Smith-Antarctic Correspondant Extraordinare

I came to Antarctica because I was unemployed. The money in my position is decent and the cold doesn't bother me. In the summer, less than ten percent of the people here do science, most of us do logistics or construction or station services like the cooks. In the winter, I don't believe there are any scientists on station. there are ongoing experiments, but they are run by technicians until the scientists return for the summer. WWW.polar.org is the web site of my employer Raytheon Technical Services. Tour ships come down in February and poke around for a while. Pretty much anyone can get down here, especially if you are willing to work for a season.

getting to Antarctica

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Classic Krissy

Thanks! Do you mind if I ask what you do?

getting to Antarctica

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Tim Smith-Antarctic Correspondant Extraordinare

During the summer season I fixed computers, this winter my job is fixing telephones fiber optics and cable tv.

getting to Antarctica

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Where exactly would one apply for such a position? And are certain fields in demand? Is there any call for, say, unqualified college students for use as manual labor?

I'm just thinking this would be an interesting way to spend a few months. And it's not like the cold would bother me... it sounds just slightly worse than a *real* Wisconsin winter (not like we've had the past two years), just permanently. Sounds like fun.

getting to Antarctica

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There are positions for G.A.s these are truly labourers. The jobs are pretty hard and tough, but the people doing it here this year are great and are loving it. Weather is better than back inIreland, no humidity here means that temps which would freeze brass don't feel bad at all.

Should you still wish to come here you can be sure that your resume will benefit well and hopefully the asylums will not have filled all the open positions and some will be left for so-called normal folk.

I'm here this season doing plumbing and loving it, I think, the grand-mail-master say's I am loving it and to let you all know that I am loving it, and there are no grand-mail-masters.

Hope we're clear now, I really hope, it hurts.

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