A Conversation for McMurdo Station, Antarctica

100 club?

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i'm strangely interested in the idea of a group of people throwing themselves into freezing water despite the obvious risk of heart attacks and was wondering if you could tell me alittle about it like when does it happen, how would one go about joining in etc, i read somewhere it does happen at Mcmurdo station, so if i've got this completely wrong i apologise


100 club?

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i think you're talking of the polar plunge, which actually doesn't occur at mcmurdo station, but rather at scott base, down the road. it usually takes place about once each season, or maybe more depending upon demand. all you need to do to participate is show up, and it usually involves stripping naked and strapping on a harness before jumping into a big hole cut in the ice. most people leave the water faster than they got in there.

i think i levitated out.

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