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Islam means submission to the will of God.islam started since the creation of mankind,from the first man ADAM(peace be upon him).in islam there is six pillars of faith that must be followed to be a true believer(muslim).those are believing in1.ALLAH(GOD)and only him as GOD2.all prophets3.all Gods books4.angels5.life after death6.day of judgement.those are the pillars of islamic faith that is compulsory to be adared to as a muslim faithful.islam was there in times of adam and all the prophets.for instance the holy mosque in jerusalem was built by prophet suleiman(p.b.u.h)king solomon,the holy kaaba in makkah was built by prophet ibrahim(p.b.u.h)abraham and thus muslim all over the face while praying.so islam is the only religion that started from the begining of mankind and true religion of God.


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i hope you are trolling

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