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Feffi (Keeper of playground sunbaths on even days)

When I was a child people told me the story about how the Brezel (German spelling) was invented. Though I don't remember exact dates or names etc. - sorry! Anyway, some time in mediaval times a man was put into prison for one reason or the other. Finally the duke or someone like that offered to set him free if within a certain time limit he could manage to bake a bread or a bun through which the sun can shine three times. Of course they thought that this was an impossible task. After some hopeless attemps he got the idea of making a long sausage and putting it into the Brezel-shape and was set free.
If you want it the correct details, I could try to find out.

But, Brezel with ketchup smiley - yikes. Over here in the South of Germany where the Brezel orignally comes from, we cut the lower, thicker bit of the soft Brezel open like a bun, spread butter on it an close it again. Yummi. smiley - biggrin


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Feffi (Keeper of playground sunbaths on even days)

Oh I forgot:
"There it spent many years as a brittle, not particularly tasteful side dish to beer." smiley - steamsmiley - grr This is definitely not true. No, no, no! No! We were always very fond of them over here! And I have to say that compared to the fresh, lovely, tasting ones you can get from a nice bakery in Southern Germany, ost of the ones I tried in American cities weren't all that nice. Actually you wouldn't want to call some of them Brezels at all! smiley - weirdsmiley - winkeye

How to get the best Brezel in your live: First you have to find a really good bakery, not one of the chains but one where they actually make everything themselves. Make friends with someone who knows the baker and then go out with him and some friends and have a great time smiley - cheers. You have to keep partying until something like 4 am, then you can slowly make your way to the selected bakery, knock on the back door, get into the "Backstube" where they do the baking and have the best Brezel you ever tasted straight out of the oven...smiley - flyhi

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