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Wand'rin star

is the name of a play our university drama group put on in the early sixties. Most of the characters were ratings in the German navy. We persuaded them to go blond ["This will wash out won't it?" Er,yes (with fingers crossed behind back)]It was, I think, much braver for a heterosexual man to wander round Leeds in 1962 than it would be now. Very few of them would have enough hair to do it now

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Men can be vain just as much as women, and that's why we're seeing more bleached dudes. But changing your hair as a way to get over a failed love? That's a chick thing... I've NEVER seen nor heard of any man exhibit this behavior, not even a gay one. Men changing their hair at all is an oddity. Most find a style that satisfies them, and stay with it.

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Wand'rin star

Not if the evidence of my sons is anything to go by. Everything from 18 inch curls to no 1 clippers. I would hate it if the latter is the style they decide to stick with for the rest of their lives smiley - sadface

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Well I think it's done by blokes as well as women, I've done it. It's a very easy way of changing your external appearance without too much hassle. If you end up not liking what's been done, it's not going to last forever (unlike trying to remove/change a tattoo for instance).

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