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A fair amount of envy

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I am a huge fan of history. However, I live in America and we only have about 200 years' worth of it. There are few stories to tell about those 200 years, no mysteries, no kings or queens, and most battles were fought against the British (before 1850) or with them (after 1900). Can you understand the envy I'm feeling??

A fair amount of envy

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Entirely smiley - smiley

If you want to know more, go to the categorisation systen at the top left of the front page.

Go to Everything, History and Politics and the Historical figures - there are some great entries in there from both sides of the pond.


A fair amount of envy

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Demon Drawer

It's not just the Americans. I once was shown some Australians around Coventry and both Churches and the Guild Hall were older than their nation as they knew it as well. smiley - winkeye

Comfort from history?

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Those from "young" nations do seem to covet an extensive history. As a migrant from U.K. to Australia I miss the sense of comfort that seems to ooze from the stones of ancient buildings. A similar sensation comes from standing close to my long-case clock, listening to the tick, and realising that Captain Cook was but a baby when the first "tick" sounded.

Why is a long history so comforting? Is there some connection with the past that's only defined in the "and Everything" section of our minds?

If that's so, then (just to be awkward about it) why do Americans & Australians choose to ignore the thousands of years of continuous history and culture that pre-date their English invasions?

Comfort from history?

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I think most people desire a stability and from it a hope for the future. We all like "improvement" but not too radical- still in touch with the past. I believe the problem in the US (and most other parts of the world) is a restricted view of who "we" are. History in the Americas goes way back and many people in the US have some "native blood"; but, the official US is highly European. Human beings seem to have too narrow a view of what is "our" history. Too much us and them. This is really a small planet and it's probably not necessary to have so many artificial boundaries whether political, or racial, or cultural.

(getting down off my soapbox and leaving) "I'm a teacher not a preacher and I aim to stay that way..." Procal Harum

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