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I love REM

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Sick Bob. (Most recent incarnation of the Dark Lord Cyclops. Still lord and master of the Anti Squirrel League and Keeper of c

I am a big fan of REM. I came into listening to quality music at a late age and have become the traditional backcatalogue collector. The first REM album I got was Up. My sister bought it and didn't like it but I saved it from a horrible fate simply because I loved Daysleeper and Lotus. I also had strange memories from my adolescance of a bald man singing about how everybody hurts on a motorway (still one of my favourite videos.)
I then bought Automatic for the people after some good advice from friends, followed by Out of time, then Document and then (I know it's blasphemy only bying it fifth) New Adventures in Hifi.
I think New Adventures is the best album (and it is shocking that it is so ignored) although it is very close between it and Automatic (or maybe Automatic is better...Aaaagh!)
I like all the albums and am looking forward to their 2001 release. (I can't remember what it's called.)
I'm also a fan of thier "Monster" tour support band "Radiohead" who are slightly more famous now than they were then (although they'd probably still support REM if asked since Thom and Michael are mates)
and am planning to make a page up about them.
Look out for it.

Ps. What is the sixth best REM album? (That is if you consider my choices the top five?)

I love REM

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Hugely delayed response but....I love lifes rich pageant...although it always makes me think of squirrels (i was immersed in the album and a series of dodgy fantasy books at the same time)

I love REM

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binky the doormat

Another hugely delayed reply lol - Document is fantastic - i know bands who would still give their right arms to open an album with something of the class of "Finest Worksong"..........

Oh, and there's the small matter(s) of "It's the end of the world as we know it" and "The one I love"


PS - New Adventures in Hi-Fi is another favourite of mine.....hence the name lol

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