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West Virginia

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West Virginia a Southern state?

I thought West Virginia was created when Virginia split in two at the start of the American Civil War with Virginia siding with the Confederacy and West Virginia with the Union.

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West Virginia

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West Virginia is a hillbilly mountain state, and therefore part of the South. (And I use hillbilly in the best sense of the term, as I am one myself and am quite proud of it.)

You see the South is divided into its own different areas: the Mountains (hillbilly regions) of North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virignia; the Eastern Coastal areas of North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina; the Southern coastal areas of Northern Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi; and the middle, which covers everything else.

I would also like to suggest that except for Northern Fla., the state is not a part of the South, but rather a piece of Long Island that broke off, floated south, and got stuck on a mangrove island.

West Virginia

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Inhabitant Levi, The Impenetrable Cephalopod

With the exception that West Virginia comes within less than two hundred miles of the Canadian border at its nothernmost point, extending farther north than a lot of Ohio, Missouri, and Indiana, all of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, Washington D.C., and quite a bit of Illinois and Pennsylvania. On top of that, it is considered part of the Midwest or Central states by most Federal Agencies.

Oh yes, Kentucky was a Union state in the Civil War as Well

West Virginia

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actualy it was split after the civil war to punish Virgina I do belive....but alas I could be wrong smiley - winkeye

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