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they arnt one sided

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Researcher Din

Ok, many will argue with what im about to say, but a mobius strip is not one sided!!! thats just anillusion caused by that little twist in it. the twist turns the top into the bottom and vise versa. If you color one side of the paper before you make the strip you can still see the 2 sides, they just curve around so the end of one side connects to the begining of another.

they arnt one sided

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I have to disagree - sort of.
While it is true that the paper you've made your strip out of is two sided, mathematically the strip has only one continuous side due to its twist.
I think.

they arnt one sided

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The Soko

Well, if you think about it, the paper you started with has 6 sides. and the Mobius strip you make out of paper has 3 sides. However, assuming the paper has no width, then you have a Mobius strip.

they arnt one sided

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Sonorus ((2*0)-sqr(4)*1+9)*6

Umm. Doesnt a mobius strip have no join? I.E. In the case of say a rubber strip, each molecule of rubber is molecularly bonded to its neighbouring molecules? At what point does a join cease to exist?
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they arnt one sided

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Mahen S

I think the reason for the confusion is this. Mobius strip is a form in itself like a cylinder. You can make a cylinder by using a strip, but then the strip will cease to exist and a cylinder will come into being. A cylinder has no joints and has two sides. Likewise a mobius strip can be made from a strip. Once it is made, it is no longer a simple strip. The mobius strip has no joints and has only one side.

they arnt one sided

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Maybe it is better to say that the strip has only one surface. After all , you can choose any point on a Moebius strip, poke a pin through it, and actually see the point come through the other side.
However your pin has penetrated the surface twice, in different places, making just one hole.

they arnt one sided

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Mobius strips and klein bottles can never be truly understood by humans, so dont try! Our perception is so limited on a dimensional level we find a lot of topographical things hard to percieve

they arnt one sided

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Cals_Incitatus (the boorish American)

"...can never be truly understood by humans, so dont try!..."

I beg to differ, one must CONSTANTLY try to understand difficult concepts.

Do you suggest we wait until we are no longer in human form to achieve enlightment?

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they arnt one sided

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indeed. And if you try for long enough you may just suceed.


"The two academics have discovered how to predict the shape of a Möbius strip,"

they arnt one sided

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actually, if you create a mobius strip from a sheet of paper you change it from a 6 sided to a two sided, rather than 3 sided, object.

they arnt one sided

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