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Drool Frood the Second

Yes I silly willied with the Philly Band on a regular basis.In fact I actually wore out two copies of this album.I am now on my third!!!
This album got played so much at parties that it often got scratched badly.Even my third copy has a few scratches.When the other copies started sounding like listening through a snow storm I bought another
I also have Venus and Mars which also took quite a hammering.


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I defianately enjoy both albums - though I've only had one CD of Band on the Run - I'm still thinking about getting the special anniversary edition...
As for Venus in Mars - that's another great album, definately. I've got a tape of that, but I think it's one of the ones with bonus songs on the new CD? I'm not sure - but I'll probably have to get another copy too. But I'm convinced that Wings had a sound that rivalled the Beatles, yet sadly no-one my age has seemed to have heard of them, and "Live And Let Die" seems to equal "Guns And Roses".

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