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the people on the album cover

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how come the famous stars on the album cover aren't mentioned in the guide entry.
I remember these:-
Micheal Parkinson (recently interviewed paul, who promised to do that interview in '73 if parky would appear on the cover)
Kenny Lynch (comedian)
Clemant Freud (ex-politcian)
The Macca(Paul Macartney)
Linda Macartney (his wife/keyboards)
Denny Lane (drunken guitarist)
John Conteh (UK Boxer)
James Coburn (v. famous actor, apparently met macca in a cafe and said he was a fan, macca said they were shooting the cover, did he want to be on it. coburn said ok)
Christopher Lee (v. famous actor, best known as dracula, anyone know how they got him?)

the people on the album cover

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They were in the original version of this article - but for some reason the editor decided to edit all that information out. Don't ask me why - I don't see why they shouldn't be mentioned. It is, afterall, what the album cover is. Talking of Sgt. Pepper without mentioning the album cover would equally be as daft.
I wrote about them and mentioned them, and am annoyed that they were edited out. smiley - sadface

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the people on the album cover

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