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Stephen R Lawhead is an author of fiction with his feet set firmly and comfortably in more than one genre.

He is perhaps best known for his cycles focusing on Celtic lore and Arthurian legend, of which The Pendragon Cycle and The Song of Albion series are the flag-bearers.

Not content to appeal to the mere denizens of the fantasy readership, however, SRL (as he is referred to by his online fans) has in more recent years branched out into the backdrop of the Middle Ages, with the stand-alone novel Byzantium and his work-in-progress, The Celtic Crusades1. Lawhead has also scribed Empyrion, a two-book science fiction epic set in the future and quite literally out of this world.

And for those for whom fantasy, fictionalised history and science fiction isn't enough from one author, take a look back at Lawhead's earlier Dragon King Trilogy, with its otherworldly medieval tone.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Lawhead's writings is the gentle manner in which his Christian beliefs enter his work. While he is not a 'Christian writer' as such, his Christianity has a bearing on the tone of the writing, while at the same time never being obvious or protruding. So while there are underlying Christain themes that meander their ways throughout the books, one need not share his beliefs to enjoy them. In some cases, one can even be unaware that such themes are present; instead one just enjoys his style of writing. Hence the availability of his books in both Christian and regular book stores.

Following is a list of Stephen Lawhead's major works:

  • Empyrion:
    • The Search for Fierra
    • The Siege of Dome

  • The Dragon King Trilogy:
    • In the Hall of the Dragon King
    • The Warlords of Nin
    • The Sword and the Flame

  • The Pendragon Cycle:
    • Taliesin
    • Merlin
    • Arthur
    • Pendragon
    • Grail

  • Avalon

  • The Song of Albion:
    • The Paradise War
    • The Silver Hand
    • The Endless Knot

  • Byzantium

  • The Celtic Crusades(in progress):
    • The Iron Lance
    • The Black Rood
1Currently, at time of writing, in its second published installment.

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