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Same Frequency??

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James West

You say that "what really constitutes 'music' is when the sound waves are on the same frequency, and they mix in one sound that is pleasing to the ear" but if all of the sound waves were of the same frequency you'd end up with just one note.

If all of the waves had a frequency of 512Hz then you'd just have middle C, which is a nice enough note but hardly constitutes music!

AFAIK you really want a mix of frequencies which provide a variety of notes which make up the tune and its harmonies?


Westy (whistles middle C smiley - winkeye)

Same Frequency??

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Clive Z. Bishop

'Frequency' as used as a loose term. I made reference to the general 'frequency' of human hearing,


Same Frequency??

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James West

But Clive, when you're talking about sound "frequency" isn't a loose term. Do you really mean the portion of the sound spectrum that is audible to humans? Not an elegant phrase I know, but it's a difference that matters - to me at least.

Perhaps I'm just being silly. I certainly don't mean any offence, and really do like the article. Maybe this is something that should have been picked up in the editorial process?

Cheers, Westy.

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