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I'm sorry to see that you advocate putting tonic into a pink gin. Properly (and rather wickedly), gin, angostura bitters and ice are all you need.

The test of a really good cocktail barman - ask for a pink gin. His reply should be - 'Certainly sir [or madam, as the case may be - but maybe the bloke should be ordering the drinks? smiley - winkeye]. In or out?'

If you get this reply, don't be shocked - be impressed. He is asking whether you want him to dash the bitters into the glass and leave them in, or to swill them round the glass and tip them out, before he adds the gin.

'What - drink nearly neat gin?' You betcha. After all, what else is a really dry martini (except the next best thing to heaven ...)?

Pink 'uns

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I don't advocate putting tonic in it - but sadly, that's what you'll get if you ask for pink gin in most pubs these days, and the article simply reflects this sad reality. My grandfather was in the navy, so I do know how pink gin should be done - and technically it must be Plymouth gin, and as small a quantity of bitters as possible.

ta, G.

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